FEBRUARY 16…….95 Grove Street Montclair, NJ

I AM MY SISTER’S KEEPER We never know who is going to knock on our door wanting to give our residents a gift. On any given day a stranger, acquaintance or friend has stopped by with something to give the female residents of our Shelters. We have received bags of clothing, kitchen equipment, toiletries, etc. […]


In recent weeks some of the REAL HOUSE Inc. facilities were turned into television production studios as video crews record the company’s story. REAL HOUSE Inc. is producing a presentation video designed to feature the services provided by the treatment and recovery center. The company has been growing and acquiring new locations for Halfway Houses […]

February 10, 2016…………………. Montclair, NJ……

REAL HOUSE Inc. is grateful to announce that we are one of the recipients of the Essex County grant intended to prevent homelessness among those seeking treatment for substance abuse. The grant will assist REAL HOUSE Inc. in providing housing to those without funding benefits living in our halfway houses.We would like to thank County […]


In a recent interview, Shawn Jennings, President/CEO of REAL HOUSE Inc. was asked what makes REAL HOUSE different than other treatment programs. Jennings reflected for a moment to give the question serious thought. He is the catalyst behind REAL HOUSE Inc. and has watched the company grow for more than a decade.. “There are 3 […]

August 12, 2016…(Montclair, NJ)……

CROWDFUNDING EFFORT GIVING PEOPLE ACROSS THE GLOBE AN OPPORTUNITY TO HELP WOMEN’S HOMELESS SHELTERS IN MONTCLAIR A portion of the donations brought a homeless Mother one step closer to reunification with her 15 year old daughter. August 12, 2016…(Montclair, NJ)……Lynn B.’s life began spiraling out of control following a house fire and the loss of […]