A portion of the donations brought a homeless Mother one step closer to reunification with her 15 year old daughter.

August 12, 2016…(Montclair, NJ)……Lynn B.’s life began spiraling out of control following a house fire and the loss of her job. Trapped in a desperate situation Lynn made a life-altering choice. Tearfully she recalls stealing and being caught by security. “There was an altercation and my charges went from shoplifting to robbery. I spent 3 months in jail.”

Meanwhile, child protective authorities placed her teenage daughter in Foster Care. Once released from jail Lynn was homeless. For six months she slept wherever she could find shelter. Although she is disabled and diagnosed with COPD and Asthma, Lynn B. doesn’t qualify for government benefits. With no money she was left with no options for housing.

Generous donors have provided a bed for Lynn at REAL HOUSE. Now she has a fighting chance to regain her pride, permanent housing and her precious daughter.

For the first time in its 12 year history REAL HOUSE Inc. is holding a fundraiser. The organization operates Emergency Shelter programs for homeless women in two houses on Grove Street and North Mountain Avenues. Together the dwellings can house up to 36 women at a time. Over the years hundreds and hundreds of women have called REAL HOUSE home.

The fundraising campaign can be found on Visitors to the website (located by clicking ) can read more about the organization, watch the video and donate at various contribution levels. A local Montclair couple donated at a level which gave 5 homeless women a place to sleep at REAL HOUSE for an entire week. Because the campaign is seen online donations have come from as far away as Myanmar and from U.S states including Florida, Pennsylvania and New York.

“Many women who have sought refuge at the Emergency Shelter of REAL HOUSE have received substance abuse treatment, found permanent housing, become gainfully employed, started their own businesses or enrolled in school,” says Shawn Jennings, REAL HOUSE Inc. C.E.O. “This fundraiser is linking people who can help with those who need help.”

The crowdfunding online fundraiser continues through the end of summer. Donations can also be made by check or money order and sent to REAL HOUSE INC./New Vision, 411 Watchung Avenue, Ste. 171, Montclair, NJ 07042.