We never know who is going to knock on our door wanting to give our residents a gift. On any given day a stranger, acquaintance or friend has stopped by with something to give the female residents of our Shelters. We have received bags of clothing, kitchen equipment, toiletries, etc.

Late one afternoon two people arrived at our door from a television studio. They were carrying large aluminum pans and shopping bags. The pair were production assistance and they had just completed videotaping a cooking show in the area. The television show’s host and guests had prepared an enormous amount of Mexican food.They heard about our Emergency Shelter and brought stacks of refried beans, corn pudding, queso cheese and tortillas for the Shelter residents to enjoy.


When the temperature dipped to a record-breaking 0 degree this past weekend, we were reminded of the invaluable service that we provide for those in our houses, which include our Emergency Shelters and Halfway Houses for women. We are grateful for the opportunity to be providing shelter for our 70 + current residents.We understand the great responsibility to ensure that the houses are kept warm and in good repair. If left unchecked, arctic temperatures can wreck havoc on the major operating systems of a house. REAL HOUSE Executives were in constant contact over the Valentine’s Day holiday weekend with our House Managers for updates and in-house status reports. Since we have the advantage of having several houses, we were able to temporarily transfer a few residents to ensure that everyone stayed safe and warm.