In recent weeks some of the REAL HOUSE Inc. facilities were turned into television production studios as video crews record the company’s story.

REAL HOUSE Inc. is producing a presentation video designed to feature the services provided by the treatment and recovery center. The company has been growing and acquiring new locations for Halfway Houses in Essex and Union counties.

Many current and former staffers have been recruited and placed in the “hot seat” to be interviewed. The videotaping process has given REAL HOUSE staff an opportunity to demonstrate what is being done for residential clients and those receiving Intensive Outpatient treatment services.

Former REAL HOUSE Inc. clients are volunteering to participate in the videotaping, telling their individual stories. Many of the alumni recount dramatic stories of how their lives have been transformed by the REAL HOUSE Inc. These testimonials are inspirational and showcase the effectiveness of treatment and recovery at REAL HOUSE Inc.

These success stories show the dedication of the center’s staff. Directors, managers, counselors and others are caring and committed to helping each individual that comes to REAL HOUSE Inc. for help.

The video presentation will assist in telling the REAL HOUSE Inc. story to resource entities such as Social Service groups, government agencies and drug courts.

The videotaping team is headed by Emmy nominated producer Roz Miller Choice. She brings her network television experience to the production process helping to visually showcase the amazing work being done by REAL HOUSE Inc.

The completed production will be available for viewing very soon.