Church Outreach Mission Touches Women in Emergency Shelters

Montclair, NJ……….Nov. 9, 2015…………..It was a sea of women helping other women at the annual outreach event held at REAL HOUSE Inc. on Saturday. A large group of women from Abyssinian Baptist Church of Newark came to lend support for the female residents of REAL HOUSE Inc. Emergency Shelters.

Church members provided a delicious continental breakfast for the residents and held a moving spiritual service complete with singing and positive messages. Several of the Shelter residents gave touching personal testimonials during the service.

Following the worship service, volunteers set up an on-site thrift store, in the REAL HOUSE Intensive Outpatient Treatment offices, with racks of donated clothing. Residents were able to “shop” for articles of clothing to help them get back on their feet. Many people housed in Emergency Shelters have lost everything including their wardrobes, so having access to clothing is a necessity.

To end the event church members handed each resident a gift bag filled with toiletries.

The staff at REAL HOUSE was on hand to help coordinate this effort. They are grateful to members of Abyssinian Baptist Church for including their clients in the outreach mission.

“The Church began this event a year ago with our shelters,” says Aalia Robinson, Director of REAL HOUSE Emergency Shelters. “We now look forward to this occasion. It gives our clients a sense of hope.”

“It is refreshing to know that organizations are willing to give and expect nothing in return. Our clients need to know that there are people who care for them.” said Shawn Jennings, C.E.O. of REAL HOUSE Inc.

REAL HOUSE Inc. is a full-service substance abuse treatment and recovery center. It provides Emergency Shelters for women, Halfway Houses for women and Intensive Outpatient Treatment for men and women.

In a recent interview, Shawn Jennings, President/CEO of REAL HOUSE Inc. was asked what makes REAL HOUSE different than other treatment programs. Jennings reflected for a moment to give the question serious thought. He is the catalyst behind REAL HOUSE Inc. and has watched the company grow for more than a decade..

“There are 3 things that I can point to,” Jennings began saying. “Our main difference would be the location of our houses. They are located in suburban communities with beautiful surroundings.” Statistics have shown that there is a correlation between a positive environment and successful recovery.

“Second, our staff is dedicated and willing to go the extra mile for the residents,” says Jennings. “Our clients receive the individual attention they need along with extraordinary support from the staff.”

“Lastly, our results speak for themselves. Our clients’ recovery transformations can be remarkable. They often get full-time employment, find housing and often-times are reunited with estranged families,” according to Jennings.

To date REAL HOUSE Inc. has helped hundreds of clients recover from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health challenges.

REAL HOUSE Inc. provides Emergency Shelters for Women, Halfway Houses for women and Intensive Outpatient Treatment for both men and women. Our houses are located in Montclair, Bloomfield and Downtown Newark.