Emergency shelters play a critical role for the more than 10,000 homeless people across New Jersey. REAL HOUSE Inc., an emergency shelter program in Montclair, has been a safe haven for homeless women. For the first time in its 12 year history it will hold a fundraiser to raise the needed dollars to continue operating at the level the women and the community have become accustomed.

Life is dangerous for a woman living on the streets. Her days are filled with trying to find food, looking for a place to wash herself and her clothing, and searching for a safe place to sleep. At REAL HOUSE Inc. women have access to a warm bed, bathroom facilities and hot meals all in a home-style setting.

REAL HOUSE has been life changing for so many women. In 2015 we housed 150 women. Each resident of REAL HOUSE receives a case manager to help them set goals, secure employment, enroll in school and receive substance abuse treatment. Case Managers also assist with finding permanent housing for residents.

Only a portion of the residents receive benefits to cover their lodging and food. Most have no means of financial support. In addition agencies that have traditionally provided finances have changed their funding procedures. REAL HOUSE is in need of contributions in order to continue providing its valuable services.

Unlike other facilities which insist that the homeless vacate the premises during the day – along with their belongings – REAL HOUSE allows women to stay throughout the day. This provides a stable environment in which they can begin to create a brighter future for themselves

Without the availability of the REAL HOUSE Inc. shelters we are leaving a population of homeless people at risk.