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Greetings Team Members and Clients:

In the aftermath of the shocking death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the horrific incident involving Christian Cooper, we at Real House Inc., wish to reiterate andaffirm our stance, racist deeds and/or rhetoric are unacceptable to/from those we employ and in our care; and will not be tolerated from other organizations and programs with which Real House, Inc. is affiliated.

Like many of you, I have watched with disdain, anger and deep sadness what has been unfolding across the U.S. regarding the threats and disproportionate use of violence against members of the Black community. It is our belief, Black Lives Matter, and we stand with those who are in the midst of the fight for justice in Minneapolis and around the country. It is not enough to state that one is not racist. One must also be anti-racist, and eschew any and all acts of racism.

Clearly, these and similar events are not consistent with our values as a company, nor are they consistent with my personal values. In recent months, we have faced challenging times as our country has been in the throes of a global pandemic, which has claimed many lives…many black lives. You’ve heard me say many times that the health and safety of Real House Inc. Staff and clients is our top priority. As we come to terms with our new normal, we must lean on each other, and at times seek assistance when necessary. Self-care is paramount, and each of us must maintain our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. With so much swirling around us, this can be extremely difficult and challenging.
That being said, please be rest assured and know Real House, Inc. continues to be a supportive agency of the community, and will continue to offer supportive services and care, not only to our clients, but to our Team Members as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out to senior management, including Human Resources, during these unprecedented and burdensome times, if you need to talk or need emotional support. Subsequently, if you know of any client who may need emotional supportive services, please do not hesitate to refer them to a case manager or a counselor, so we can provide the assistance they may need. I have already directed management to open up groups at the Shelter, IOP, Sober Livings and Halfway Houses to discuss concerns.
Remember our motto “We Care”, encapsulates not just our clients, but also our Team Members.

Chief Executive Officer